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I've now finished the 3rd part, watching it with the same audience of people that had seen the original series, and people that hadn't.

Everyone was extremely satisfied with this whole project, I shall never watch the show in any other way again. This fanedit is perfect, and I shall watch it again in the future numerous times I'm sure.

You editing is perfect, the only flaw could could find was a single credit "Directed by" in the middle of the film, but it didn't distract, and I am aware that you had to use footage from credit sequences, it is unbelievable to me how you've managed to use so little of the credits in this project.

You narrative and linearity is exactly as I would've wanted had I made this edit.

I'm pretty satisfied with the ending. I was very worried that you'd keep the original ending, despite seeing that you had the same goal with this as I would've had, I knew you only had the footage from the series and couldn't reshoot them getting on the plane. Your choice of text + picture worked well, a minor quibble is that the grammar wasn't perfect, but that might just be the gramamr nazi in me. The use of the word "thievery" might've been better as "larceny". Also the over use of "They never...again" rubbed me the wrong way a little. "They never set foot ...again" "There also... ever again" "Michael never ... again" ...

I know it's nitpicking, but out of everything in this entire project it's the only thing I'd modify, all your editing and story telling was fantastic, but the text was just grammatically awkward. Also the epilogues were very fast, it gave little time to actually read each and think about each character's story arc.

I hope it doesn't sound harsh, I'm just trying to be as critical as possible, and let's face it, this is a masterpiece in movie fanedits. You've taken a messy and awkwardly told Tv season which was rewritten from a mini series to be a crappy 4 season long episodic tv series that got so bad I couldn't stand it. But you've taken that show and made a fantastical well edited story with brilliant narrative, and no loose ends, that I have been recommending to everyone.

I've said it in my other reviews but I wish you'd do this for Lost season 1 and Dexter season 1. Two other shows that started brilliantly and fell apart. Although I know that is a lot of work.

Thank you so much for your work on this project. You've created and built something masterful here. Out of around 7 hours of finished video, you've pretty much made perfection that I find few faults for.

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