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The second part of Boon’s Prison Break trilogy. A/V editing was better this time around. The narrative presented is nearly perfect. The edit has a great pace, which gradually builds. It's a real rollercoaster by the end.

Some thoughts I had whilst watching (all minor points):
Smart work removing the Lincoln breakout attempt subplot but keeping the consequences.
T-Bag setting up his friend was too heavily cut; it isn’t clear what happened.
The scene leading to T-Bag getting onto PI (him talking about New York, California, Saint Louis) was cut, so it isn’t entirely clear how he gets on – although it is implied since he doesn’t go down for Bob’s murder.
Not a fan of Tancredi’s stalking subplot in this, along with the “Michael has an enormous brain and is a saint” doctor, but that’s just me.
Tweener’s subplot was retained – a good choice, by the way – although I felt it could have been trimmed somewhat, in particular his introduction, which goes on for a little too long.
There is a slight narrative problem in that C-Note magically knows there is a hole in the ground (and its exact location), but there’s not much Boon could’ve done here to fix that as that entire subplot (Abruzzi being overthrown) was cut – another good choice.

Removing the conspiracy subplot is like removing the handcuffs from this show that prevented it from reaching its full potential. Bravo Boon.
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