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Predator Chronicles Volume 1
July 07, 2012    
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November 26, 2009 @ 9:01 pm

I am far from overwhelmed. I admit I didn’t notice any technical issues. I watched the avi version and the quality is very nice, I have no complains whatsoever about that. If I hadn’t already seen the original movies I wouldn’t be able to tell what has been cut. The first AVP got better, well getting worse was practically impossible. My real problem is with the second movie. This is what I usually call “heavily cut” and “butchered”. I didn’t realize how much gore the movie has until I saw your cut. By reducing the running time in half You have also removed half of the gore, if not more. Gone is the sequence where the first chestbursters… well, chestburst. Gone are the sewer killings, the deputy getting impaled by the Predator, the daddy being dragged away, the guy at the power plant getting his skull pierced through, the pool massacre, the diner impregnation, the hospital impregnation and I don’t know what else. I really can’t enjoy the movie like this, it is like watching the TV version of Scarface. Characters come out of nowhere and say something happened, then we see the aftermath, there is blood everywhere… But we didn’t see it happen and I personally felt robbed because of that.

If your main goal was to focus only on the Predator and the Aliens in that case yes, I guess You achieved something, but I found this cut to be much inferior to the original movie.

The editing work is immaculate – 10/10, as a story this is around 3/10. It just really feels like TV. I give this cut 5/10.

Please don’t feel offended, this is only my personal opinion, as I can see most of the users are pretty fond of these versions of the AVP series
By the way, great job with brightening the image, I thought there must be a brighter edition until I just read that You did that.

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