Predator 3 (Sealab2021 fanedit)

Predator 3 (Sealab2021 fanedit)

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Predator 3 (Sealab2021 fanedit)
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The crew of Sealab are plagued by Predator while an orphan who is milking the Make a Wish Foundation for free gifts comes to visit. The crew is slaughtered one by one and there is no hope in sight. What will stop this tyrant from making Sealab extinct?
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November 26, 2009

For fans of Sealab 2021, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this remix. For those of you who were brought to tears when mall zombie, tv watching, fashion conscious teens are able to stand up against and Alien and Predator threat…
…well this doesn’t feature any of that, or ironic cameo’s.

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