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December 23, 2007 @ 1:38 pm

OK, I was really looking forward to seeing this after some of the ideas that our great friend Jorge (aka KillBillMe) posted. It has actually been sometime since I have seen the original (I picked up a copy for comparison, but have yet to watch it) so I really forgot how awful of a sequel Predator 2 was. After beginning Jorge’s edit, it all started to come back to me. Predator 2 was pure stench…

…now, Jorge did a fantastic job IMO to make this movie far more enjoyable. It still is no masterpiece, but I have a sequel to Predator that I can watch without inducing vomit. Smile The cuts of all the cursing and the sex scene may seem offending to some people, but after you watch this edit, you will see that it was a perfect decision. Why have the characters act like a bunch of rotten pirates? it made no sense. Most of the cheesy dialog has been cut (thank you so much).

but there were some things that just could not be fixed…. The setting of Predator 2 was horrible, it was a wierd Futuristic/retro/actually present day setting that had some sort of Dick Tracy feel (with over-dramatic drug lords). You really cant fix this visually, but by trimming away a lot of the fat, you notice it much much much less. Our attention is focused on the Predator interaction.

A cool idea, tha may have not been pulled off perfectly was mixing footage from AvP into the film to tie everything together. I really liked this idea, but felt that the arctic scenes just felt a tad too out of place. nice effort though.

All in all a great edit of an atrocious film

4 of 5. It was almost perfect. Cuts are not noticable, and the picture is quite nice. There was a segment toward the end of the film, where the video does this wierd strobing pixel thing (that I have noticed before with some bad encodes). This is only for a moment, and it isnt really distracting.

5 of 5. Great. I dont notice any cuts, and the audio flows nicely

4 of 5. We get a great video clip for Jorge himself, some cool trailers, and nice menus. I love the main menu, and the selection buttons, however I feel that the scene selection menus needed a bit of help. The little boxes just didnt do it for me. However, this is a really nice packaged DVD. Artwork was not created for this, but the Jorge had a contest in mind … prepared for January Wink

overall, a 4 of 5. A great edit of a horrible movie, and very well done. Thanks Jorge Wink
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