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First of lets start by saying I enjoyed the edit. It was for the most part a well put together edit that achieved what the editor set out to do.

A/V - The fact it looked and sounded as good as it did for the stock footage to be as old as it is is impressive.
Visual Editing - The were one or two cuts that were a bit abrupt and I can remember seeing at least one set of left over frames from a cut. The one i remember the most was at the end of the fight some frames from the last commercial break were visible.
Audio Editing - The audio levels throughout the edit were a up and down but other than that the audio editing was good. I didn't notice any hard audio cuts or anything of that nature.
Narrative - I enjoyed the overall edit and the adding of the Serpentera fight at the end. But at no fault of the editor due to the footage he had to work with the final fight didn't feel like a normal PR zord battle.
Enjoyment - Despite the few issues mentioned, I absolutely enjoyed the edit and would recommend it.
Owner's reply March 31, 2019

Thanks for your helpful review, I've since gone back in and corrected the problem with the leftover fade from the commercial break

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