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(Updated: May 01, 2020)
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Whilst I haven't seen the Power Rangers series for many years, this episode was certainly one I enjoyed, and the right one to pick up. Zarius' edit cuts just the right amount of material to keep the pace at its best. Everything crucial is kept in, and the footage from 'Super Beat Down' fits in seamlessly, without any suggestion of being from an entirely different show. The ending with Orion leaving felt so 'right' concluding the episode, I had no idea it was borrowed from the previous episode!

I do wonder, though, if using footage from both parts would have made more sense on a narrative level, rather than coming in halfway through the story, especially for a first-time viewer...

If I had one minor critique, it would be that I felt the fan footage post-titles was not necessary, a little confusing to a new viewer like myself, and didn't really bear any relevance to the rest of the episode (as far as I could see, so please do correct me if I'm wrong). This was nothing to do with it being fan-made, as it appeared to be of a very high quality. I just felt I was taken out of the action, and I didn't really understand its relation to everything else.

That aside, this edit felt to me, like an episode in its own right, and had I not known it was a fan edit, I would be none the wiser!

An edit not to be missed by Power Rangers fans - you certainly kept my attention Zarius!
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