Power Rangers 25th Anniversary: Dimensions In Danger- Fighting Edition (Extended)

Power Rangers 25th Anniversary: Dimensions In Danger- Fighting Edition (Extended)
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The evil Lord Drayvon has captured legendary Power Rangers and is using them to create an army of evil robot clones. As he prepares to use dimension-piercing arrows to leave the multiverse in dissarray, a few remaining legendary Rangers recruit the latest generation of Power Rangers to face down Lord Drayvon, free their friends, and save all of reality, but can even the greatest Ranger of all time prevail against a duplicate of himself?
The highly anticipated 25th anniversary episode of Power Rangers, "Dimensions In Danger" had an extra bit of footage cut from the original transmission. This footage was ultimately uploaded to Nickelodeon's official Youtube page. I have taken the segment (Tommy as Dino Thunder Black against his doppleganger) and inserted it into the full episode, making it as complete as it can be.
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Nickelodeon Official Youtube Channel
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- Added extended version of Tommy vs Tommy fight scene
Trailer (Password: tommy)

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