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This is a fast edit of the remake of Evil Dead with a flashback to the original. It has also some alternative footage.
To make a fast forward edit of both movies combined to one story.
Release Information
Cuts and Additions:
- Credits are cut
- Shelly and Scott singing a song is cut also the almost accident with the truck is cut
- The Bridge is cut in this edit, there is no bridge
- Checking the cabin by Scott is cut
- Drawing scene of Cheryl and sound in the basement is cut
- In a few scenes after that i cut in some dialogue
- Checking the basement by Scott and Ash is trimmed
- Ash giving the necklace to Linda is trimmed
- Cheryl walking in the Woods is trimmed
- By the rape scene with the branche of the three i overdubbed that with a nice sound effect
- Scott checking the room of Shelly is trimmed
- By the possession of Shelly some trims are made
- By the possession of Linda Ash holding a riffle to her is cut (i recut that whole scene)
- Checking the whole cabin at the end of the original is cut
- One trim in the "rotting" scene of Cheryl
- When Ash is taken by the Demon we are back in the remake also this is with sound effects

- The possession and the burning of the girl is trimmed (some lines are cut)
- I cut out the credits (new credits at the end of the movie)
- I cut out some scenes of the addiction of Mia, also some repairs to the cabin
- Finding the book in the basement is trimmed
- Also some trims when Eric opens the Book
- The Rape scene with Mia is trimmed ( No Demon)
- Trying to taking her to a hospital after that is cut
- The scene with the line " You are gonna die tonight" by Mia is cut
- In the basement (Mia and Nathalie) some lines are cut
- I cut out some scenes of David and Eric
- Like in Book i cut out some scenes of the face of the demon
- There is one line cut when the bloody chainsaw scene begins

Added Scenes:
- Burning a body
- Mutilating a body with a chainsaw
- A burning scene at the end of the movie
- At the end Mia walking alone on a road. (Alternative Ending)

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Now I really have to rest. My eyes can not do this in one time.
Fast train that goes up and down very steep slopes and around very sudden bends.
Talked about a movie that goes to the hole, then you should really look "Possession".
Maniac, you must have probably paid much attention to this edit.
Evil Dead, I know by heart. Only on this film I can really give a critical assessment.
In one word, incredible !
Fluent editing work. Many musical arrangement.
A/V: 10
Since I have seen the remake twice, it come over to me as, which portion is taken out.
Well done, Maniac !
Striking moments: The Tree Rape scene with outstanding sound effect.
The transition from part one to part two. Well thought !
Maniac, you did it again !
Definitely, recommend.

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