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FanFix October 14, 2020 2442
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While I don't believe this edit fixes all of the issues with the original film, I do believe it fixes most of them. Much of the bland and wooden dialogue is removed along with almost all of the backstory and flashbacks. This make the fan edit have better and more consistent pacing than that of the original film. The edits were well done and there were no video or audio issues that I noticed which produced a high quality viewing experience.

There were some questionable material that was left in the edit. Such as the rapidly freezing temperature that doesn't really make much sense along with an animal sacrificing itself on a planet that is supposedly populated with things evolved to kill humans. These things are subjective and while I would have taken them out, the editor decided to keep them in. This is not a flaw in the edit but in the original film. The only thing that was removed that I think could have benefited the edit is the final fight with the ursa. While I understand why it was removed, it creates an abrupt end to the main characters journey and is a little anticlimactic. All these things are why I ranked the narrative so low.

However, there were many things that were done right which improved this version over the original. As previously mentioned the removal of the dialogue and the backstory help with pacing. By removing the backstory, the edit gets right into the action and doesn't stop until the end. Also by removing much of the dialogue the acting also seems to have improved immensely. I would much prefer to watch this version over the original so in that case I do believe that this edit did indeed mostly "fix" the film.

I would recommend this edit.

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