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Foreword: I haven't seen the original in sometime, which I prefer for watching edits and I also didn't review the changes (log) ahead of watching, which I also prefer. I looked at the edit list back when I downloaded the edit, but I like to not know what I'm walking into; I don't watch an edit for a few months or more after downloading it.

What I liked: It was nice to see a stream lined story. I enjoyed the new sound track as well. It was engaging.

What I didn't: Maybe I missed some of the details, but it felt like a leap to go from the obelisk being on the moon to it teleporting or something the main character at the end to the acid trip experience. Maybe this is just the guy running out of air? The only stretch was the jump from being out side the ship to going into acid land.
Also, the song choice (Flight of the Concords?) when the guys friend died seemed out of place, but that was the only song that felt like that to me.

Overall: This is a very different experience than the original and I think it kept some important themes and added some fun. I would recommend people check this out. I felt after thinking about the whole movie more and the ending, it all sort of fits.

Extra: Keep up the good work. I like when people can take something old and find a way to make it feel new, and this you did in spades!

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