Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (Extended Edition)

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (Extended Edition)

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (Extended Edition)
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'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (Extended Edition)' adds 15 minutes of new material, which complements various scenes to give more information about this world of ships, pirates and adventures. We get to see more funny moments, a whole new restored dice game between Will Turner and Davy Jones, the story behind Isla Cruces and an alternate ending.
As a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean series (more the first three than the fourth one), I noticed no one has ever worked on an Extended Edition of Dead Man's Chest and At World's End, mainly because of the low enthusiasm on the sequels, so I wanted to make an extended edition of both. First was At World's End, which can be found here too, and now i submit Dead Man's Chest to complete the extended edition cycle of the saga. Even when the sequels have some problems, I enjoy them a lot, and i'm sure there must be some people who find the sequels as good as i do. In my opinion, these scenes help a lot to the narrative and deliver some important information...or well, most of them. I'm sure real Pirates fans will appreciate these new additions.

I believe the director and the screenwriters made an amazing job delivering these stories to the big screen, but in the commentaries they made, they also expressed some disappointment because of having cut a scene, particularly the Dice Game between Davy Jones and Will Turner, which is also the most important change and difference from the original theatrical release. It would be amazing if they watch this version, because i'm sure they would feel very happy and satisfied.
Additional Notes:
It is important to notice that because these added scenes were cut from the theatrical release, Dead Man's Chest Extended Edition does not share a direct continuity with At World's End Extended Edition (or the original). This is because some information that was cut from Dead Man's Chest was shown in different scenes of At World's End. The reason that they don't share continuity is because they would feel like repetition.
Other Sources:
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Complete Score by Hans Zimmer
Different Sound Effects from Youtube, including a Willhelm Scream
Special Thanks:
Thanks to Neosmith for supporting this project, and most important of all, I will feel eternally grateful for your help. Thanks to Masirimso17 for the cover.
Release Information
Editing Details:
It's also important to notice that almost all of the deleted scenes have issues with the sound effects and music, so I had to rebuild the sound and music from the start, from zero. If you don't notice any issue with the new sound effects and stuff, that means I must have done a very good job (hahaha). Sound Editing is like water: It's practically ignored and invisible even when it's in front of us, but the day it is not there for us, we will feel it's absence.
Cuts and Additions:
- Extended talk between Will and Beckett about why the East India Trading Company is in the Caribbean. I added some waves sound effects to not make visible the transition between the deleted bit and the original scene.
- Extended scene where Jack is searching for a bottle of Rum. We see one of the crew members is not happy with Jack and we see Jack messing around a little bit with the animals. I rebuilt the sound effects and music from zero to capture the suspense and mystery of the moment. The original untouched deleted scene had too much noise on the background.
- Extended scene where Governor Swann gives Elizabeth a Gun while they are trying to escape. We learn Beckett knows the Governor has contacts and that might be a problem for him. I tried to clean the sound as much as i could and added the original track used on the scene.
- Extended scene with a little bit of drama where Beckett says to Elizabeth he wants Jack's compass. After that, we see one of the guards was sleeping, explaining why Elizabeth could enter to Beckett's office. Funny part in my opinion. For this scene, i had to add night sound effects to match the extra bit of the deleted scene. After that, i had to rebuild all the sound and music from the moment Beckett goes out of his office and finds out the sleeping guard.
- Extended scene with Jack in the Pelegostos Island where he implies the Pelegostos eat their own children. Sounds horrible, but in the context of the scene is actually funny. After this, we see a little bit more of Will and the crew in the cages. The Pelegostos chanting in the background was added to the deleted scene, since the rest of the track does not match with the one used in the original, so i used the one in the deleted scene (in my opinion, it's better than the original). Wind and a "whoosh" sound effect were used in the bit of Will and the crew in the cages.
- Extended scene where the crew swim for their lives after they break the cages. They begin to laugh because they think they actually made it and escaped, but then the chase continues after one of the members dies from an arrow in his chest, thrown by one of the Pelegostos. I did everything i could do to clean the sound effects, because this particular deleted scene has very poor sound, but i think it works with the new sound effects and music i added.
- Extended scene where Jack tries to escape, cutting the rope in his ankle, after the long fall. For this scene, i had to use chroma key, because when Jack falls the background is in blue screen. Almost all of the sound and music was rebuilt, from the moment Jack climbs the rope to the moment where Jack tries to cut it from his ankle.
- Extended scene where Will talks to Jack about the Letters of Marque Beckett is sending to him in exchange for his compass, but Jack is not interested and manipulates Will to his own benefit. Very few things were made to the deleted scene in sound effects terms. Some waves to make the transition succesfully.
- Extended scene where Gibbs talks about the Kraken while they go to Tia Dalma's House. In this segment, we learn that Davy Jones doesn't want to kill Jack, but to punish him with his worst nightmare, stretching on and on forever. This scene was cut in the film and then this detail was explained in At World's End as consequence. The proper music was restored to the deleted scene.
- Extended scene where Elizabeth tries to convince the crew of the ship where she is hiding to go to Tortuga in a ghostly way with the Haunted Dress, but does not succeed at first. Waves were added in the sound effects and music.
- Extended scene of Will talking to Bootstrap after the lashes he received. Bootstrap reveals that crew members of the Dutchman live forever and become slaves, but also they suffer from dementia and begin to forget important memories. Because of the poor sound of the original deleted scene, i had to rebuilt almost all the sound effects, from waves, wind, rain and thunders to the music used in the film.
- Extended Dice Game. This time we see there was actually a previous Dice game before the one we see in the film. In this Dice Game, Will wins the game and wins his father's freedom, as well we see how Will Discusses with Jones about fate. This particular scene is important because helps to make more sense why Will was concerned about Bootstrap joining the game and him losing it. Without this scene, we don't know Bootstrap was freed, and after they end the game, looks like Bootstrap did not lose anything of value because he was already bound to the Dutchman. For this scene, the music and sound effects were almost rebuilt from zero. Some color corrections were made to match the tones of the film.
- Extended scene where Jack humilliates Norrington and talks to Elizabeth about the Letters of Marque. Music was added (Jack's theme) and some parts of sound were rebuilt to make it as clean as possible.
- Extended scene where Davy Jones summons the Kraken. Davy Jones seems angry about Will taking his key and Bootstrap believes Jones is going to punish Will, but then he reveals he is not going to punish him, but to kill him. Music and sound effects were rebuilt from zero to make them as clean as possible. Some little bits were cut because of the unfinished effects. That's a pitty because the scene would have worked perfect. Still, i tried to show it in a way that makes sense and works anyway.
- Extended scene where Will tries to get help from one of the crew members after the ship is destroyed, but they are killed by the Kraken. Sound effect of the Kraken's tentacle coming out of the water was replaced and a Willhelm scream was added to clean the sound because it was really poor. Also, some shots were zoomed a little bit and some parts of the scene were cut because of the unfinished effects.
- Extended scene where Pintel and Ragetti talk about the pronunciation of Kraken. Then we see a little bit of Elizabeth and Norrington talking about Isla Cruces and it's story. Music and splashes of water sound effects were rebuilt. Some wind effects too.
- Extended scene where Jack tries to convince Will he can't trust Norrington, and Norrington tries to convince Will he can't trust Jack. Sound effects and music rebuilt.
- Extended fight sequence between Jack, Norrington and Will for the key in the beach. All the sound effects and music were rebuilt from zero because sometimes sounded well and sometimes it didn't.
- One shot is added which has to do with the scene of Elizabeth talking about Isla Cruces' story. Added some swords clashing and steps on wood sound effects because the original did not have them. Plus, a little loop of the same music used in the scene was added to match the rest of the film.
- Finally, an extended scene where Norrington gives Beckett the Heart of Davy Jones. We see Norrington will be promoted and Beckett has the intention of adding the Dutchman to his fleet to begin his war against piracy. This plan can also be noted in the Map painted in his wall. All sound effects and music were rebuilt to deliver a more clean scene. Steps on wood, sword "whoosh", flies, waves, opened doors, music and dialogue were all re constructed. There is a shot in the original deleted scene which did not have any sound effect at all.
- My name at the end of the Credits
Cover art by Masirimso17 (DOWNLOAD HERE)

Will confronts his father after being whiplashed

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The Dead Man's Chest has always been my least favorite movie of the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy (if trilogy) , maybe because I'm a fan of Barbossa, or hate the cliche of the love triangle, or center too much on Will or a mixture of the three, but there is something that I can not enjoy it as much as enjoyment COTBP or AWE, although this edition not fix all the problems I had with the movie, gave me an entertaining experience.

Most of the scenes do not add much to the movie (unlike AWE), but it is a successful work, it lets see a movie that you love and see it with the addition of another interesting scene. Despite its enormous length, it feels short, a little swollen maybe (but partly the fault of the original film) and the transition between scenes is perfect.

Recommended only for fans of the sequels.

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