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From the DVD, Neglify Shorts Vol 1, and the Time Travel Consecution. This was from Timecrimes, a Spanish film I was unfamiliar with. From reading IMDB, I got the feeling Neg hugged the original plot tightly while shearing away an incredible amount of time.

Video: MPEG 720 X 480p. Bit of damage on this, deliberately done. I usually don’t like scratches or grain, specifically in recent films or movies I have seen because the results look sloppy and amateurish. I didn’t know this film, however, so I was completely fooled into thinking this was a cheap 70s production. I laughed when I realized my false assumption later. Well done.

Audio: 2 Channel AC3, 192 Kbps. One of the best/worst music tracks I have heard. The edgy, skittering violin makes one feel like they’re trapped in a room full of mosquitoes and crawly bugs. Selected music performs slight of hand distraction as it is so irritating one does not focus on jump cuts or any of the “laboratory bits.”

Enjoyment: End of the day, I appreciated more than enjoyed this. I chuckled at the end, but I had figured out what was going on and who was what. Thankfully, this was only 13 minutes instead of the original 92 minutes.

Nevertheless, for me, this was funnier than I expected and I laughed out loud a couple of times.

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