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Shorts October 26, 2014 3149
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Audio/Video Quality: 9
It's "Grindhouse" but that doesn't mean the image shouldn't look really nice, which it does.

Visual Editing: 10
With the added visual look and feel this had a very Scandinavian feel somehow (Despite it being Spanish). It visually reminded me of things like 'The Killing' and 'Let The Right One In' which was nice because they are similarly unsettling pieces of work. The editing matched the rhythms of the music like a true pro.

Audio Editing: 9
I refuse to except that these visuals didn't always go with this music. They synched up perfectly with the mood and every possible moment and action. Don't bother trying to tell me different!

(FYI: I can't give a zero for "no audio editing" but I can't give a 10 either. 9 is pretty fair I feel)

Narrative: 10
It worked perfectly. I'm not what the rest of the film was about because the whole thing was here condensed into these 12 or so minutes.

Enjoyment: 10
The combination of frenetic strings and creeping visual horror was a perfect meld. It was freaky, strange and unnerving in all the right ways.

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