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(Updated: March 21, 2021)
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After this edit won FEOTM,I was convinced I needed to see this edit! I'm a graphic Designer and love Saul Bass as a Graphic Designer. Never been much into horror or old movies, but I feel obligated to check out this project so I ordered the DVD.

I would definitely recommend watching the original first, to be sure how much was edited. I am not big on older movies, but this one was surprisingly well done in a strage, timeless sci-fi way. Very interesting cinematography to be sure. Classic 70s vibe.

Now, on the the review of the edit - the original Phase IV was insane, but without the narration, I feel like whateder I'm on just "kicked in", the beginning felt like a drug flashback, (in a good way LOL) This edit is so... cerebral. Saul Bass's visuals seem so much deeper and more like an art piece. The Hubbs character seems a little less sinister, awhich I do miss a little, but Lesko seems a little less creepy on Kendra, which is a positive. Love the soundtrack updates.

And that ending. That drug trip kicked back in for sure! Sooo much better.

I knew Saul was a little insane like we artists all are, but man what a weird good movie. So glad I bought the disc and took this ride! Thank you for bringing attention to this weird weird movie. I'm not usually a big fan of older movies either.

Some fanedits are definitely hit or miss, but this is the good stuff and why I love this community. So weird, I love it!!!
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