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FanFix July 04, 2012 3141
(Updated: September 03, 2012)
April 18, 2010 @ 12:00 am

I actually watched this quite some time ago but only now remembered to rate it. This what a truly great fan edit can be. People always talk about how editing certain films is merely an exercise in “turd polishing.” Herein, ADM took a turd and turned it into a gem. The ridiculous love story is seamlessly excised, along with several ridiculous pieces of dialogue. My only minor gripe is that ADM left the cheesy opening with the bad kid actors.

The movie is now about war, victory and loss. It seems almost paradoxical, but by taking out the love story, ADM has made the film MORE emotional.

Editing is an unequivocal 10 for all technical aspects.

Plot and entertainment get a couple 9′s because I do think ADM could have taken more liberties in a few spots. Still effing awesome. WATCH THIS EDIT!!!
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