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FanMix June 20, 2012 3526
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I watched this edit a while ago, so I’m a bit late on the review.

The black and white works great for this movie. It just fits with the neo-noir feel of the movie.

The voice over removal between the Theatrical Cut and Director’s Cut I’m…indifferent. On the one hand noir often has voice over. And like ssj said in his review, Gibson’s voice over is nowhere near as bad as Ford’s awful voice over in Blade Runner. So I guess I could take it or leave it. I certainly didn’t miss the voice over while watching.

The ending was the only thing I didn’t like. Before I downloaded this edit I asked Neglify which version I should buy. He told me Director’s and I of course inadvertently buy the Theatrical Cut. So I was used to the theatrical ending. And didn’t realize the Director’s cut was so different. So that’s just my personal opinion but I liked the theatrical ending better than the DC.

As far as editing goes. I noticed no problems with the audio or video. The special featurette on the editing of a specific scene was really cool. I wish more edits had this kind of feature. I guess it can potentially takes away some of the “magic” of an edit but its always interesting to see the work that goes into cutting particular scenes and the changes made etc. So props to Neg, cause there is some excellent editing work in that scene.
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