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FanMix June 20, 2012 2722
(Updated: August 30, 2012)
March 3, 2012

$70,000? Shit, my suits cost more than that!”

We aren’t talking some crazy Adywan style treatment hear, but this movie didn’t need that. What it needed was exactly what Neglify gave it. In addition to some small tweaks and atmospheric improvements with the black & white and music, he integrated the best of different versions of this movie into one “hybrid”.

This is the definitive version of this movie and worth anyone’s time to watch. Neglify has taken an already solid movie and cleaned it up to make it as good as it is probably ever going to get.

Payback gets a:

Fanedit rating of 8/10.
(Fanedit rating focuses on technical and creative criteria that pertain specifically to the scope and depth of changes made from the source material by the faneditor. In other words, I might hate the movie but still give a high fanedit rating if I really respect the re-editing work done to it.)

Movie rating of 9/10.
(Movie rating judges on traditional criteria of quality/enjoyment as if this were an original theatrical release being seen for the first time.)
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