Patriot Games: To Serve And Protect

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An Irish terrorist seeks revenge on Jack Ryan and his family after the death of his brother at the hands of Ryan.
To create a PG-13 companion to Patriot Games' follow-up film Clear and Present Danger and to remove portions of the film that were ridiculous and or over acted.
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Trez75 & It'sOnRandom for feedback and encouragement in the forums
Anyone who watches this :)
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This movie is pretty light on violence/gore and language for an R outing so the editing itself wasn't to the level of some of my pervious edits. I also removed small moments that were very 90's looking in terms of having things in a shot that were completely ridiculous (guns in plain sight and such). The idea is to make the Irish extremists more competent and less ridiculous in how they carry out their plans.
Cuts and Additions:
+FE Warning & Logos
-Cut shot of drivers getting shot repeatedly (looks ridiculous and over the top anyway)
-Cut Sean's f-bomb when he's trying to open the door
-Trimmed hot of Sean's brother's face when they first remove his mask to remove the blood that is pouring out of his mouth
-Cut second close up shot of Sean's brother's face laying lifeless on the ground
-Trimmed up audio of Cathy approaching Jack after he gets shot
+Gradual zoom crop of shot as Owen's approaches Sean in the interrogation room to remove lip movements of audio that was cut
-Removed Owens cursing at Sean
-Trimmed O'Donnell's conversation to tighten up the exchange
-Trimmed bedroom scene with Annette & Jimmy; image cropped a bit tighter and the scene is less sexualized, now it's a quick transition to Annette going to her purse to retrieve her gun; head shots left in as they don't contain gore
-Trimmed up Sean's escape scene; removed one guard getting shot boy O'Donnell, removed Sean executing the inspector, driver and guard, it's now implied
=Cropped & smart upscaled scene where Sean is holding his gun in the van and it is extremely visible to anyone outside. Scenes like this show how unbelievably ridiculous this group is.
-Trimmed & rearranged some of the over the top Van swerving on the highway and Sean broadcasting to the world that he has a gun and is hanging out of the van.....again this is just super ridiculous; the scene now has a shortened up chase with an uninterrupted phone call between Jack and Cathy, then Sean opens the door and starts firing at Cathy and Sally
-Trimmed Ryan's flashback scenes after using the bathroom to remove the gory imagery of Sean's brother's death; rearranged and used scenes from beginning of the movie to fill void and have it focus more on the car that Annette is driving
-Trimmed Sean gunning down Cooley on camera. It's now implied
+Added dropped phone signal to phone call when Sean calls Jack at his home. Cut the full curse as if he stops himself naturally.
-Trimmed dialogue during the bar scene where Ryan confronts Paddy O'Neil
=Masked scene of Agents watching Cooley to create the spy camera effect
-Trimmed scene where Watkins takes out the DSS agent as he goes down into the cellar. This is done to let us realize Watkins is the traitor at the same time Ryan does.
-Cut close up of dead DSS agent with gunshot to the head
-Cut shot of Sally emerging from the hanging clothes in the closet and smiling after Cathy knocks out Annette
-Rearranged boat chase and fight, Sean no longer dies by getting impaled on the anchor; Sean jumps on the boat, attacks Jack with the Gaffe hook, they hit choppy water, Jack knocks Sean out and notices the rocks, Jack jumps out of the boat, the boat blows up

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(Updated: May 26, 2023)
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It's been a while since I watched the original, but I remember well that it had more gore than I liked. This version was just at a comfortable level, and flowed perfectly. I feel like I should have more to say about the edits themselves, but they were so smooth that the only thing I noticed was the overall feel of the edit; I honestly didn't notice any errors or editing issues. It felt like watching the version of the movie they *should* have made, lol.

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