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If you're going to watch Passengers, watch this version. It's a lot closer to what I was expecting going into the original film. My only real issue is that the original movie was basically 3 different movies strung together and this edit cuts it down to 2 movies strung together. The idea of having the story center around Aurora from the beginning is excellent. The problem is just that the first half of the movie feels irrelevant once the second half starts. Maybe that's the intention of the original film? I don't know. But I feel like the first half of this movie (or specifically this edit) would work best as like an episode of Black Mirror. Trimmed down to 45-60min. Either the whole movie should expand on the idea of the first half or the whole movie should expand on the second half. They're just far too different to be in the same movie.

So while one of my main issues still remains, this masterful edit is the version I would show somebody who's interested in watching the movie.

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