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Shorts April 17, 2022 847
(Updated: June 10, 2022)
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It is SSOOO nice to see fellow editors take on older movies and this is certainly a Stal and Olli entry that massively benfits.

THE AV score reflects that this is not an HD edit but is not a downgrade on the best available source to date. as Noted by the previous reviewer, the source material contains many inherant issues like jump cuts and poor edits...THEY ARE NOT the work of this editor. It should also be noted that their removal or improvement are virtually impossible since these movies tended to be scored 100% and so any trims etc need to be very carefully judged and executed. I for one only noticed on audio segue and that is an impressive feat indeed, hence th high edit scores for video and audio.

The narrative on this would be a 4 unaltered, and this is agin a huge improvement. The 9 reflects that despite being still a tad slow, the fact is that it is stil imeasurably better (oops, I did measure it) than the orginal and thus my enjoyment , which for the original would be a 5, and this a 7, is elevated to an 8 simply because I did not expect the improvement to be so impactful.

All told, a former plodding slow trudge is now brisker and enjoyable and feels like a 3 reel short, as it should always have.

Magnificent work
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