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Special Projects July 04, 2012 2930
(Updated: August 31, 2012)
June 18, 2011 @ 6:44 pm

You now have the whole story (until a third movie) presented in Chronological order.
A cool thing to have for the fans of these movies.
Video is good, audio too; even if the audio volume of the second part (so the first movie) is a bit higher.

I found the original movies okay.
They all have borings parts, and interesting parts. Very few really scary parts, in fact, but I don’t know why I liked them. The prequel is a better movie, IMO, but the first one also have its good parts. I mean that even if the order of events are more or less the same in both movies, it does not feel (too much) of a rehash of what we just seen, in this edit. (hope I’m clear, lol)

In a good mood I would rate the original movie 8/10.
As this fanedit do not really pretend to change the movies themselves (just making a new way of watching them) I would rate this edit also 8/10.
This could seem unfair because there are a lots of faneditors taking months and months making fanedits and getting a 7/10 for example, but when it comes to rating you generaly can’t give a fanedit a lesser rate because the idea is simple and it do not have 236 cuts in it.

Side note:
The actress playing Katie obviously ate some hamburgers between the shooting of the two movies: too bad for continuity… Just kidding, she’s fine and she delivers a good performance.
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