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Special Projects July 04, 2012 1594
(Updated: August 31, 2012)
June 23, 2011 @ 9:36 pm

Unfortunately I can’t rate quite as high as TMBTM. I felt that in order to justify combining these two movies, they require a great deal of further editing to make them feel more cohesive and less dull. The whole slow buildup with part 2 now stuck in the middle is a total buzzkill, and the total runtime for a horror movie that was slow-paced to begin with is even more of a buzzkill. I knew going into this that nothing was cut, but I really was hoping there was more intercut splicing throughout than there is. I now see what people were talking about that this feels more like an extended edition than a true fanedit.

The video and audio visual quality from a ripping/encoding standpoint is fine. From an editing standpoint, the audio is louder in PA1, which I found to be rather annoying and pulled me out of the story even more than the already obvious jump from the one movie to the next.

The story from a straight narrative standpoint works, but from a storytelling standpoint fails for the reasons stated above.

Given the limited cuts, problems with those limited cuts, plus the storytelling issues, I cannot give this fanedit more than an average 5/10 rating. That said, if you are a big fan of the movies and really want to watch then in chronological order in their entirety, this edit does achieve that goal.
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