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FanMix September 13, 2017 11258
(Updated: August 31, 2018)
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BRILLIANT Fan Edit!!! For both Alien lovers and movigoers Paradise should be considered as a good movie. The way JobWillins assembles Prometheus and Covenant in one single piece is extraordinary. The selection of the footage material is carefully chosen resulting in a great cinema exercise. David centric story is indeed the strongest aspect of this edit. Splitting the intro conversation between him and Weyland (Beginning scene from Covenant) in different parts and inserting them along the movie, the editor shows us David´s personality and motivations in a way that the official movies failed to. I won´t extend myself describing all unnecessary and stupid humour scenes which are deleted alongside the plot inconsistencies with Alien universe.

Audio and Sound editing are top-notch. In this regard, it is not possible to imagine a better quality for a fan edit. The only remark I appreciate is the addition of some tracks which in my opinion doesn´t fit with the tone of the movie (i.e. a couple of Beatles songs). This soundtrack editing either you love it or hate it.

I enjoyed so much this fan edit and it completely replaces the original movies. I didn´t grade higher because of the original available material which in some cases makes impossible to fix it. The editor has nothing to do with it. Giving the source material, Paradise is a jewel in Alien universe and from now on I will revisit it with the first and second entries of the saga.

Congratulations to JobWillins who is certainly a remarkable fan editor!

P.S. Please, watch the mix Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman edit "Man of Tomorrow" absolutely a must.

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