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For me Paradise did not quite work - Don't get me wrong it had some wonderful moments but as a whole the narrative was a bit hard to follow. It only worked to a point because i had seen the theatrical versions and could fill in the gaps, so in turn was able to follow the story.
To start with the Weyland / David chat was fantastic. A mixture of the ted talk and the white room conversation was great. The scene of the Prometheus crew and Covenant crew trying to get back to the ships after being infected was wonderful visual and audio editing but again unless you knew the theatrical versions would be hard pressed to follow what was going a visual and audio experiment worked really well....good skills. Adding the deleted scene of Shaw putting David back together was great....but for me it would have worked better as an ending to Prometheus.
One of the highlights for me was the cutting of the Xenomorph and Daniels surfing and Tarzan swinging as the Covenant crew try to escape the planet also the Shower scene is so much better. The use of The Beatles "Want You So Bad" was a stoke of greatness. The audio editing was top notch....I will be seeking permission from Jobwillins to use this scene in any future edit i may get around to :). Though the use of the Beatles track was great in that scene i didnt quite enjoy the other two Beatles tracks when they were used. The ending was brilliant - the use of some of the audio from the Blurays extra scene was truly great..
So overall - i think Prometheus and Covenant work better as separate films but JobWillins has truly done some remarkable work and has got my mind into gear thinking about my own edits of the two films. Prometheus should maybe start with the white room scene and end with Shaw putting David back together from the Covenant Bluray extras. Covenant should open with David arriving at Paradise and infecting the citizens..and the ending should be the same as JobWilins has done in this edit... but for me with a different song. Golden Slumbers / Carry the Weight are such immense and emotional tunes i just kept thinking of Paul and John and got taken out of the film...i think a nice classical piece or even keeping the Wagner tune intact would work better

Jobwillins well done....your skills are top notch.

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