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! I got my whole family to watch with me (after lots of bargaining) and even they loved it! And they all hated the original two movies! My mom particularly was not looking forward to it, not just because of her dislike of the original movies, but because she's not exactly what I would call a "believer" in fan edits. She's usually the one to say "Why don't we just watch the original?" but even she loved it!

The way that the narratives of the past and future interweave and reveal information is brilliant! Specifically how, from what we can see in the past, we can tell that, by the time the Covenant crew lands on the planet 10 years later, there’s something going on but we don’t know exactly what yet so we’re practically just as in the dark as the Covenant crew. But that's not to say that you can solve the problems of Alien: Covenant by simply not watching Prometheus because then you wouldn't know what was going on with David and such. So it reveals just enough at just the right times to be ominous without telegraphing exactly what's going to happen to the Covenant crew. It avoids the pitfalls that Covenant had of having them looking like idiots by visiting the planet in a “shouting at the screen while watching a horror movie sequel as the dumb one goes into the basement with the chainsaws” sort of way ya know?

Another great thing this edit does is instead of having certain members of the crew feel like weak attempts to create a new Ripley in the way that they're oh-so badass and strong, only for them to get killed off at the end, it makes them feel like humans in Greek God myths, where they are trying futilely to survive against the whims of a heartless God, and in this story that God is David, And having the story focus on him not only makes the narrative more interesting and fulfilling, but also plays up the themes of man vs. nature and man vs. God.

My mom had a little trouble telling what time period was which which might be able to be fixed with a time and date appearing on screen but really that's my only big complaint. Other than that there was one scene where a scream cut out second too early and the music removal in the final scene could have been a little bit better but that's just a limitation from the technology of removing background music, which I'm sure all us fan editors can relate to.

And now that I've finished watching this, I can go on to Alien and Aliens and then onto Job's other alien edit Ripley! So excited!

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