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Wow! I've always wanted to like Prometheus. I'd say I enjoy it - particularly the themes it explores, and I've watched it multiple times because of those themes. Alien: Covenant did both less and more for me as a movie, but I've only watched it once - I love the David scenes.

I've watched multiple fan-edits of Prometheus and thought one of them did a pretty good job of making the most of Prometheus. It still fell short of the themes through no fault of the editor.

Paradise takes two okay films with grand themes and makes one super-epic that no studio would have ever made. I absolutely loved every moment of it. I have nothing but praise for the film, and while it will indeed replace both Prometheus and Alien: Covenant any time I want to watch either, more impressively, this is now one of my favorite sci-fi movies - of all time.

Re. the Beatles as the end. I thought this tied up the use of popular music throughout. The lyrical content and tone worked well to inform David's expression at the end. I didn't expect it but loved it.

Tweaks? Honestly, I was too immersed to notices much. To my ears both, 'Country Road' and 'Carry That Weight' should be brought down in the mix while they are under dialogue. I found the lyrics/volume of the tracks competed with the dialogue. To be fair: my 5.1 setup could be highlighting this issue as the rear speakers aren't as far back as they should be. I also felt that there was a possibility for 'Country Road' to be brought in more subtly. Maybe after rewatching, I'll have more specific feedback.

Again, I am and was blown away by this edit. Thank you so much, Job, for creating it!

If you're looking for an Alien or Aliens repeat, you won't find it here, but if you want to watch a sci-fi epic about creation, god, androids, the cosmos, and humanity, I couldn't recommend it any higher!

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Owner's reply July 28, 2021

I accidentally downvoted this review and now I can’t undo it :-D
Thanks for the lovely review!

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