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FanMix September 13, 2017 9592
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This is a very strong edit combining the two Alien prequels, which (mostly) improves on both. The scattering of certain scenes and extras across the film was very well done. Scenes were intercut at appropriate moments. The edit shifts focus more towards Covenant as the edit progresses, which is the weaker of the two films.

The rescore was well chosen, bar the last scene, which worked better with Wagner's Das Rheingold. I especially liked I Want You by the Beatles. My main critique is that a few unnecessary scenes were kept - such as the two Prometheus pilots discussing their bet, or Shaw and Janek explaining the plot to the audience before heading out to meet the Engineer - along with some poor dialogue. Job Willins could have been even more aggressive with a few cuts, however the pace is quite good despite the edit being almost 2hrs 40mins.

All in all, an excellent edit, which does the best it can with the original films, which are a little weak.
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