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(Updated: April 23, 2020)
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I am a huge fan of the two Alien movies but have not cared for another one since.

I had high hopes for Pandora when I watched it in theaters, and while there were definitely things I liked, it just fell flat. I didn't understand some of the mythology, or why it was included in the movie. Some things seemed connected to Alien lore, some didn't. I felt there were a lot of unnecessary scenes, and severe pacing and continuity issues. It was a genuinely frustrating experience.

After Pandora, I almost didn't watch Covenant. When I finally did watch it, I turned it off around the half-way point. Same problems as Pandora and the lore continuity issues were made even worse.

It always irritated me that an IP with such a solid start (the first two movies) was mishandled time, and time again. Thank God for fan editors.

Paradise not only salvaged both films but also creates consistent lore: Paradise -> Alien -> Aliens -> Ripley (another fan edit).

Alien was the first horror movie I was allowed to watch on cable TV as a kid, and it blew my mind. Later, I remember going to the theater intending to see some other movie I don't remember, then seeing Aliens on the marquee. I wasn't old enough to get in, but the alien queen herself couldn't have stopped me. I bought a ticket for some PG movie, and promptly switched theaters. Then did it again the next weekend.
These movies were a part of my childhood, and now I have FINALLY been able to watch more satisfying installments to the franchise.

A huge thank you to the fan editor. It's a damn shame some of these beloved IPs are ruined by studios, but at least they are fixed now.

Highly recommended.

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