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I liked the edit, but like ranger613's Godzilla edit, it's hard to call this the "definitive" cut of Pacific Rim. He could have done an awful lot more with the movie than just cut the scientist subplot alone, and rewatching it makes the flaws of the theatrical cut more obvious. Just as a specific example, he definitely could have cut the entire sequence between Raleigh stumbling out of the downed Gipsy Danger and Idris Elba walking out of the helicopter, since all of what's covered during that sequence is revealed through exposition later in the movie.

That aside, the audio, video, and edit quality were all superb, as I've come to expect from ranger613. I watched it in 1080p and I didn't notice a single issue.

I rated the narrative and enjoyment the way I did because I felt that it was essentially the same movie as the theatrical release. I didn't particularly mind the scientists in the first place, and trimming them didn't do much for me. I'd really like to see a v2.0 of this edit, since ranger613's technical skills are absolutely top notch, it's just that his cutlist wasn't thorough enough by a long shot.

I can recommend this edit to people who were really bothered by the scientists, I personally didn't mind them so this edit wasn't really for me. Otherwise, great quality and a reasonable way to watch the film

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