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January 11, 2012

Wow BlueYoda. You took this movie and made it enjoyable. Enough said. 11/10.

Okay, I’ll say a couple more things. This is some very professional work here. You pretty much had me within the first 10 seconds with your BlueYoda Productions 3D graphic. That was slick. I think I re-watched it 8 times.

Next up we have the purty DVD menu & bonus features a-plenty. If his logo isn’t enough to make your jaw drop, his documentary video clips will. If that still isn’t enough to make your jaw drop, the naked ladies in the clips most definitely will. This is a must see for any James Cameron fan.

Oh, and did I mention the movie was edited extremely well? It is an insane mix of quality film making and insanely outrageous cheese. But seriously, who gives a #$@%. That is the least important reason why you have to watch this. My usual rating scale just doesn’t cut the mustard here. 10/10. Nuff said.

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