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December 25, 2011

Now, of course this movie can’t be totaly saved.
You’d need interesting deleted scenes, clean voices and sound effects audio channels and all those faneditor’s dream items to really try to make this movie a very good one. And even with all of that, I would not know…

That said, this fanedit is real damn good for at least two reasons:

- Some may not agree, but I prefer this version of P2 than the original P1 movie.
The actors are all trying their best with what they have (Lance Henriksen even look like a young Roy Scheider) and this cut leaves almost no filler scenes. Well, there are still some useless scenes (story-wise) , but since those have boobs screen time I guess it’s part of the genre ;)
This movie can now be followed with a nice nostalgia feeling and if this was the original cut Cameron would not have to be ashame of it (too much…).

- The DVD presented by Blueyoda is filled with cool bonus.
You have informative biographies of the cast (damn that penthouse model named Carole Davis is both sexy and funny in her other roles).
You have “Xenogenis” the first short movie by Cameron. Featuring a vehicule’s design very close to what can be seen in the future war scene in Terminator
(with the budget of a first short movie… of course)
You have a nice comparison beetween a scene of P2 and a scene from Aliens.
and last but not least, you have a cool little documentary made by blueyoda about the conflictual relationship between the makers of the movie.
More informative than most of the over long official releases bonus, where everyone kiss everyone’s ass.

So, this edit is still far from being a masterpiece (nor is a very good movie for that matter)
but like I said, it is watchable. And that fact alone is a real improvement.
When I rate a fanedit I try to not rate the new cut only for wat it is, but also the work put in it by the faneditor.
If this edit was the original cut, concidering its date and its low budget I would rate it a 6/10 or maybe a 7/10 in a day of good mood with one or two beers.
But Blueydoa really did a good turd polishing work on this one. That plus the extra cool bonus add 2 more points.
Makes it a 9/10 for the overall product because I am in a good mood and I drank quite a bit not so long ago. :)
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