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FanFix July 04, 2012 4222
This B movie's got it all: vicious, unthinking eating machines, human fodder for said machines, sad cougars, hampered young romance, awesome boobs, and 'splosions. Best of all, it's all watchable, thanks to BlueYoda's editing and some decent performances by the core cast.

But our dear editor does leave some goodness on the cutting room floor. In particular, we see even less of Carole Davis (smokin'!), but blueyoda more than makes up for that by giving us her career arc in the biographies section.

Speaking of which, one can tell a lot of hard work (and boobs) went into the biographies and bonus material. The pieces on James Cameron will also leave one wondering why there weren't Giant Killer Robots in all his movies, including Titanic. Strange, huh.

But seriously, man, Assonitis? Is that the producer's real last name?
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