Outside Man (Un Homme Est Morte): A Mister Cooper Fanfix, The

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Brief Synopsis:
After fulfilling a contract killing in Los Angeles, a French hit man becomes the target of a hit himself and tries to flee back to Paris.
Make a sleeker action based thriller that removes all of clumsy editing and extra padding
Additional Notes:
English Subtitles for French Scenes (unsubbed in US version)
Other Sources:
French DVD (open matted) cropped to 1.66

American on Demand MGM DVD-R (for english audio)
Release Information:
Editing Details:
Where to begin with this movie, for those that don't know, this film was a co-french production and with the

main star being french, all of his scenes were reshot with him doing his lines in French and English for each market (Fr/USA), now this is where the fun begins.

The American version is also much shorter than the French version, the french version seems to have added every bit of footage they had shot for the film,

there was actually so much b-roll and extra footage of nothingness that I was able to re-adjust other scenes and edit them properly.

Also the American version has a godawful theme song created that plays in the opening and ending credits and ruins the entire mood of the film that I did not include. The lyrics actually spoil the entire films twist right from the beginning of the movie.

Now you're probably asking why didn't I just use the American DVD (because it looks like garbage), but I did use the audio track from that to sync

to the French DVD master, now that version has certain scenes of Jean Louis speaking his English lines in French (usually close up shots), so occasionally there are very brief bad dubbing lip movements that were out of my hands. It just adds to the grindhouse feel of the film though.

Almost every scene was readjusted in this fanfix, there was lots of unintentional awkward pauses from having too much lead (especially durning covnersations).

I removed the cop subplot because it was nothing but filler to pad the runtime out,

the film is now just about the hitman and trying to solve the mystery of who is behind the hit and the other principle players involved.
Cuts and Additions:
Theres so much extra random footage I removed, it's almost impossible to keep track of everything, but here's the main removals and french additons

Scenes removed :

Jean-Louis Trintignant speaking to operator

Jean-Louis Trintignant and Ann-Margret having breakfast

Roy Scheider drives to gas station and waits

Alex Rocco hanging out at strip club

Cop Subplot and the reoccurring carjacking victim

Lots of scenes of people driving and getting out of cars and/or walking

Readjusted almost every action or conversation scene to make it work with the

resynced English audio track, or to just make the scenes flow better.

Scenes included :

Chase scene with police and older woman

Roy gets a Burger

Establishing shot of hotel

Jean Louis checking his pockets

Extended conversation of Ann Margaret and Jean Louis in Motel before the airport.


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