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Extended Edition July 04, 2012 1635
August 22, 2009 @ 2:47 pm

Excellent effort from Leonenut again. Its great to have the extended Italian cut available for us English speakers. However it is not perfect.

It is understandable that the inserted sequences are fairly obvious but the colour timing is completely different and I feel more could have been done to bring them closer together. All in all not bad though and not that distracting.

The audio I feel suffers the most. It is slightly out of sync throughout. For a movie which was probably all post dubbed, it shouldn’t be a huge issue but I can think of one scene which is ruined… the introduction of Frank. When the music kicks in you can see Frank and his men actually walk to the beat of the music, a scene which blew me away when I saw it in cinema. However due to the syncing issue, it isn’t quite as effective.

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