Once Upon A Time In Hollywood: The No Manson Family Edition

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Once Upon A Time In Hollywood: The No Manson Family Edition
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Brief Synopsis:
Once upon a time... in the Golden Age of 1960s Hollywood, Rick Dalton (Leonardo Dicaprio), star of hit TV series such as “Bounty Law”, along with his stunt double Cliff (Brad Pitt) is on the downtrend, his failure
of a glamorous film career has left him with nothing. His self-confidence isn’t helped by superstar Sharon Tate (Margot Robbie) moving in next door to him. But when he gets the opportunity to work on another tv western,
Rick is going to prove to Hollywood and himself that he still has what it takes. And the best part is there is no pointless Manson Family Sub-Plot to get in the way of that.
I enjoy Quentin Tarantino's Movies, but I wasn't a huge fan of this movie. I strongly disliked the entire Manson Family plot. However, I really enjoyed Leonardo Dicaprios storyline. So I decided to cut out EVERYTHING about the Manson family and have the movie be strictly centered around Leo/Rick Dalton.
Special Thanks:
- Macmilln for his amazing support.
- jswert123456 for the awesome poster.
Release Information
  • NTSC DVD-9
  • Blu-Ray (BD-25)
  • MP4/M4V/MOV
Cuts and Additions:
- 0:00:00 - Added "fe_intro" and "FE Warning"
- 00:02:52 Instead of cutting from the interview straight to the poster, it cuts to black and then fades into it. "Treat Her Right" also starts right away.
- 00:03:52 Cut Sharon Tate Scenes in the Opening Titles.
- 00:08:55 Added Full Bounty Law Deleted Scene
- 00:12:37 Added Full Rick Performance Deleted Scene
- 00:19:24 Cut Hippies walking down the road and hanging out by the garbage Scene
- 00:20:33 Cliff seeing one of the hippies has been trimmed.
- 00:20:42 Cliff and Rick driving up the hill cuts before we see the Cielo Dr. Sign
- 00:23:11 Cut Cliff driving back home and feeding his dog.
- 00:24:38 Cut Sharon Tate going to the Playboy Mansion, then the morning at the Polanski House
- 00:28:40 Cut Sharon Tate dancing at home. Cliff driving and seeing the hippie girl again. Cliff fixing the satellite and all the preceding the flashbacks with Cliffs wife and the Bruce Lee fight and the Polanski and Manson Scene
- 00:38:49 Cut Sharon Tate going to the bookstore
- 00:38:49 Added Deleted Scene Of The Two Brothers Arriving
- 00:45:21 Cut Sharon Tate watching her own movie.
- 00:55:15 Cut Cliff and the hippie driving together. All scenes at Spahn Ranch
- 01:01:40 Added Deleted Scene of Cliff and Director Talking
- 01:10:04 Flashbacks to Cliff buying the acid cigarette all moved to when he tells Rick about it, instead of just showing part of it and then the rest when he picks it up before he walks his dog
- 01:19:39 Cut Sharon Tate pregnant scenes
- 01:21:28 Cut the Polanski's at restaurant and then later at home scenes, Rick attacking the hippies and the hippies talking at the bottom of the hill and finally the entire Manson family beat down, except for when Cliff passes out and lands face first on the ground
- 01:26:11 Cut the conversation between Rick and the guy has been trimmed, no more talk about the break in incident. Instead, after the Roman bounty line Sharon talks on the intercom and invites Rick in.
- 01:27:58 Own Credits and Actor Credits added
- 01:29:35 Cut some ending credits before the fade to black
- 01:31:46 Cut the Batman 66 Radio Contest excerpt, Replaced with "Bring A Little Lovin"
Cover art by Kikanator96 (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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(Updated: September 25, 2020)
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Don't get me wrong, I really like the theatrical version of the film, but when it comes to it, I enjoyed this a bit more.

Would have loved to see more Pitt, but it still works with the scenes that he's in. Excellent work!

Update - probably my goto, will be rewatching the theatrical to see, but most likely, yeah .

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