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A flawless edit front to back. OHMSS is a top five Bond film for me so I wouldn't have thought that an edit would be necessary, and yet this was so well done I'm not sure I like it any less than the original.

This is a film I have seen multiple times and yet I genuinely didn't notice a single cut. I didn't read the cutlist until after viewing so, while watching, I really couldn't tell much of what was being trimmed and removed, yet, in the end, LastSurvivor managed to axe a full 15 minutes, improving the pacing in the process.

Of course, edits are always subjective, and I'm not sure I completely agreed with everything. I will say I have a fondness for the humor that comes with the nixed "other fellow" line and Bond's seductions, though I do understand why they were cut. As well (and others have noted this) the removal of "Hillary"'s uninterest in women is problematic, and Campbell's capture is missed somewhat. Ultimately, however, these cuts, along with the other edits, go a long way towards LS's primary goals. He sought out to make sure the film didn't spend enough time away from Tracy to forget about her, and he succeeded.

The Hillary Bray second act flies, and feels more like a short side interlude to the primary love story (in fact it's more or less the only part of the film where he's "On Her Majesty's Secret Service"). The result is, in many ways, a subtly, but decidedly, different tone for the film. This really is more of a romance than a typical Bond flick (in that regard it's probably best to watch with the audio track that has "All the Time in the World" play during the title sequence [even though the Barry composition is much better]).

I can't honestly say that this replaces the original for me, but I do truly appreciate it. It's not better, per se, but it is different, and, perhaps, just as great. There were some things that were cut that I missed, but probably for the best, as the edit wouldn't be nearly as interesting or unique with them included. A different film, but commendably so. An edit well worth your time if you have any love for the world's greatest super spy.

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