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I'm coming late to the party on this one, however, better late than never.

I am also one of those that has over the years has increasingly come to really like this Bond. In fact, it is in my top 5 for many reasons.

The removal of what today would be regarded as fan service or purile elements, elevates this outing and makes it the serious romp it should always have been. Those knowing "to camera" moments were excruciating then, and now just awful. GONE. More vitally IMO, the trims to some of the either overlong exchanges and chases, mean that nothing outstays its welcome and agredious elements are for the most part, consined to the fanediting cutting room virtual floor.

This is now a more balanced and refined Bond overall, and although we can never resolve the issue of Geroge Baker looping Lazenby's dialogue while undercover issue, I can't mark this down for that since it is inherent to the material...(are you reading this reviewers who do's not fair or logical).

What LastSurvivor has done is pushed this into the top 3 for me. It is the go to version, and already burnt to BluRay and inserted into that big ol' Book like release for the 50th Anniversay (I hope the cardboard holds up).

Superb work !
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