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I'll admit, I've always been to two minds with this movie. The overall plot, locations, and action sequences have always been classic Bond for me. But Lazenby as a one-off in the franchise never really gelled as Bond for me, and the pacing has always bugged me. LastSurvivor has fixed this film for me.

The biggest improvement is the trims in the Piz Gloria sequence. It's always been way over-long for me, and far too much dallying around with the angels of death--even for Bond. Now there is just enough for Bond to accomplish his mission goals and the "yep, that's Bond being Bond."

Next is minimizing all the nods back to Connery's movies. Now all I could pick out at glance is the title sequence (no fixing that, and IMHO the worst in the franchise), and the quick shot during him clearing his desk.

The soudtrack changes are more subtle, but work really well. I had forgotten the original, and the changes description reminded me. LastSurvivor's choices work far better than the original release. The use of All the Time in the World was much moe impactful, and not over used.

This is now my preferred version to view.

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