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FanFix June 30, 2012 2351
April 18, 2012 @ 11:14 pm

I liked this version way better than the original.
It still feels a bit what I’d call a “whatever” movie. In this case: an horror movie that does not scare me. But this new cut did not annoy me. The action is going forward at good pace. Except maybe for the parts where the characters are talking alone, facing the camera. I don’t think that what they are saying in those scenes is really interesting nor make the audience root for them a lot (and the acting here is not amazing either…). Of course with those scenes cut the edit would have been even shorter, almost to the point of a short movie, but I think it would have been better, at least for me.
I liked the goal of this fanedit: to remove most of the things that were not shoot by the characters and remove voice over and flashbacks ect… it all really works well and makes the movie more engaging for the audience.
Like I said it’s still not a great movie, but it is now an nice little “found footage/zombie” movie that you can follow without being bored. And knowing the source, it is a kind of accomplishment.
A solid 8/10 to me.
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