Ocean's 13: On The House Edition

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Danny and his gang of thieves have to pull off their most risky heist to defend one of their own. However, they are going to need more than luck to break the ruthless Willy Bank and his casino.

The On The House Edition adds back 4 brand new scenes and 4 more minutes of footage. All good things come in fours, or thirteens, or something.
Seeing the short deleted scenes, and how simple it would be to add them back in, I figured why not. It would also plug one little line in the climax that is referenced in the deleted scenes.
Other Sources:
- Ocean's 11 OST by David Holmes (The Vault and Rusty Is In)
Release Information:
Cuts and Additions:
- added Turk on the job in a resturant in The Bank
- alternate version of Danny and Rusty casing the Roulette rigger
- added Negal working with Livingston on the rigged shufflers, now explains a later piece of dialogue during the earthquake (Rusty: "Do you think Nagel was...")
- cut portion of Danny and Rusty walking the streets of Vegas at dusk, their dialogue was recycled from another deleted scene and is now redundant
- added Benedict meeting with Toulour

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