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(Updated: February 29, 2016)
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Top notch edit which takes a fine movie and makes it really good, in my opinion. I bought Oblivion when it first came out on Google, started watching it twice, fell asleep (there may or may not have been adult beverages involved) and then forgot it existed for a long time. I downloaded Beezo's edit a while back and finally gave it a whirl. I'm really glad I did; I can recommend this edit to just about anyone into sci-fi. This is now a pretty good movie. I went back and watched the theatrical after and enjoyed it far less. A bunch of minor annoyances add up to a far worse experience.

A/V Quality: 10 - Looks fantastic and crisp. This is really a gorgeous movie and the edit looks great.
Visual Editing: 10 - Great work, cuts were seamless.
Audio Editing: 9 - Nothing jarring, seamless work. The score did occasionally overwhelm but it sounded pretty similar in the theatrical (though I had to watch it on my tablet so it's hard to compare).
Narrative: 9 - Original would be a 6. By removing unnecessary information and nipping and tucking little moments galore Beezo has made for a much stronger narrative. The viewer is genuinely surprised at some plot points which are pretty much telegraphed in the opening voiceover. The plot isn't hard to follow, it's more showing than telling (rewatching the original made my head hurt how they overexplained everything to death with lots of superfluous, bad dialogue. By reducing some Tom Cruisey moments (which admittedly, I love but belong more in different movies - looking at you motorbike jump) and reducing his inner dialogue we are left with the actor doing some great pensive acting. It shines through here instead of feeling dumb with his inner voice. Looking back on the voiceover parts, sure, you can see it as visuals that look like a voiceover is happening. But without that knowledge, its' just a great sweeping intro to the world, and thoughtful finale. I'm only giving it a 9 because of a couple extremely minor plot things which I never would have noticed if Beezo hadn't pointed them all out in his audio commentary. :)
Enjoyment: 9 - Damn good movie, this edit will completely replace the theatrical for me. Great job.

Minor quibble: The blu-ray menu is mapped oddly. Instead of up and down going up and down between the two options, down is down and then right or left is back up. From there, the other direction goes back down. Easy to get past without issue but thought I'd mention it (there was a similar thing on the Blade Runner blu-ray menu IIRC).

EDIT: Forgot to mention the commentary track, which was a real delight to listen to. Beezo explains his intentions behind each cut, and explains his process behind each and every cut (which was a ton more than I would have thought but all the nips and tucks really add up to a significantly improved experience). I would highly recommend listening to everyone interested in fanediting or who is already editing.

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Owner's reply February 29, 2016

Thanks for such a great review! Checks in the mail. :P

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