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Quite a solid edit, though I think a little more could have been cut (for starters I've done away with the entire epilogue). Beezo clearly likes this movie more than I do, I feel like it's just another blockbuster, not a terrible one but not particularly memorable, and quite déjà-vu all the way. But in any case, this cut is preferable to the original and less dumb. If you like the theatrical cut, you'll love this edit. If you don't, the edit isn't all that different and might increase your appreciation for the movie just a bit.

Video editing is flawless, audio editing is very good too considering the difficulty of cutting around the music in some places. The only slightly off edit happens at 1:06:32, during the canyon chase, when it cuts from a closeup of Olga's to one of Cruise's right before hiding behind a waterfall, but it's only the fact that the music beat is a tiny bit off that gives it away, otherwise the transition is well done.

I watched the DVD-5 version, quality is pretty good but it comes in the form of a 3.56GB ISO, which means that a whole GB is blank, and that could have been used for better compression.

Beezo also provides an audio commentary that was very entertaining, informative, and fun to listen. Main menu is not very sophisticated but looks good.

Overall a very nice job, and for sure if I ever feel like rewatching this movie, it will definitely be Beezo's cut.

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Owner's reply August 30, 2014

Thank you for your positive and warm review. I'm especially thrilled you listened to the commentary track! I think you're the only one thus far that has!

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