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Oblivion Redeemed
February 25, 2014    
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Thank you for un-dumbing this movie. I don't know why studios insist on inflicting the SciFi audience with lazy storytelling cliches like a VO narration. Blade Runner didn't need it, Dune didn't need it, yet it persists. I've watched my Oblivion Blu-ray about half a dozen times now and I always skip over the beginning because I detest the narration.

I liked the opening montage and didn't miss the VO one whit. I don't know how someone who had never seen this movie before might react, but I knew right away this was a post-apocalyptic Earth tale. If that wasn't enough, you have the (re)telling of the story by Jack to Julia and all of the other references about going to Titan, etc.

Visually, this Fanedit looks even better than my Oblivion Blu-ray when viewed on a large plasma display, if that's possible. I did find the audio to be cranked up a bit in spots and had to use a db cut to my subwoofer to keep peace in the neighborhood. However the soundtrack and sound editing were very good and added to my enjoyment of the movie.

Of course opinions are going to vary about the alternative ending, but I'm glad you made some choices there. Its yet another reason why I would watch this Fanedit as opposed to another repeat viewing of the original. The result is a more immersive and thought provoking movie experience.

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