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(Possible spoilers to follow.)

This is a highly successful fanedit that noticeably improves upon the original film. The pacing has been improved. Poor dialogue from the original has been erased. Characters I found annoying in the original, namely Sykes (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) and Beech (Morgan Freeman), have been made far more palatable. The film as a whole is a much more enjoyable experience as a result of Beezo's edits.

I do have a few minor criticisms. While I appreciated that Beezo removed the VO from the beginning and end of the film, its absence was rather noticeable in the fanedit's opening. I found myself thinking, "Oh yeah, this is where the VO was." A more succinct opening may have alleviated that problem and fit better with the overall tone of the film. At times the music felt overpowering, though I don't recall how much of that existed in the original film. I'm torn about the new ending; I understand why the change was made, but it left some questions unanswered. What happened to the other survivors? What happened to 52?

All in all, this is an excellent fanedit and I highly recommend it to both new viewers of the film and those who had issues with the original.

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Owner's reply April 03, 2014

(Spoilers) Thank you for your review. Incidentally, my first edit of the end did have the reveal of Tech 52 and the other survivors, while omitting the child. Unfortunately, I still felt theme of sacrifice was undercut by this reveal, less than two minutes after the hero martyred himself. So, thematically, I felt the inverse (just revealing the child) would be more appropriate to meet those ends.

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