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I know this movie gets a bad rap in terms of narrative, but I've always liked it. The cinematography is gorgeous and Tom Cruise, well he's Tom Cruise at the top of his game here. Beezo's edit tightens up the pace and eliminates some light dialogue that otherwise doesn't directly effect the plot. I've probably watched this edit 3 or 4 times and it's usually the one I go when I watch this movie. There are little lines from the theatrical version that I miss (the stuff where Jack talks to Bob), but there's not really a moment where you feel something is lost when watching the edit. Beezo's edit makes for an enjoyable experience that is on equal footing with the source material, though I wouldn't necessarily say it's a replacement of the source.

Audio/Video Quality: 10/10
It looks and sounds the part that it should for the resolution and file size.
Visual Editing: 10/10
Again, I don't notice anything out of place and don't see any obvious editing choices. Another round of great work!
Audio Editing 10/10
I don't notice anything out of place and don't hear obvious editing choices. Great work!
Narrative: 9/10
I do miss a few inconsequential elements (dialogue and Tech 52), but nothing that makes me turn off the edit and go back to the theatrical when watching. The changes in no way create narrative conflicts so I'll only take one nitpicking point off for the Tech 52 ;)
Enjoyment: 8/10
Two subjective points taken off because I do like some of the omitted elements. A solid 8 for great editing and a slightly faster way to watch Oblivion. This edit is a showcase example of clean cuts and great execution of edits. Great work Beezo! Sorry it took so long for me to write a review.
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