Nuovo Cinema Paradiso: Suggested Longer Cut

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For those who enjoy the Director’s Cut but perhaps not its middle-age melodrama.
Six months ago I put together an (extremely minor) edit of Cinema Paradiso, a supposition of the Italian Theatrical Cut not seen since November 1988. I was asked if this involved removing the additional 1980s romance segment in the Premiere/Director’s Cut (considered by some to be overly melodramatic) and keeping the longer sequences set in the 40s and 50s; based a few clues I came to the conclusion that the opposite would be required, and would appreciate advice from anybody who could provide definitive answers!

This version is almost the inverse, essentially taking the Director’s Cut and replacing the ending section with the truncated equivalent from the International Cut, all of a morning’s work. With these two edits, each with their own unique material, I would be very interested to hear how people think they compare not only to the official versions but to each other, if they have the time to watch both of course!
Additional Notes:
Details on time added/removed were made comparing this edit to the 123-minute International Cut even though most of the footage is sourced from the 173-minute Director's Cut, since the latter changes the 3rd act structure substantially I consider this version is more as an extension of the former, removals from which are a matter of seconds and hardly worth counting. See also "Nuovo Cinema Paradiso - Best Guess Theatrical Cut"
Other Sources:
Both cuts sourced from 2013 Arrow Academy 25th Anniversary blu-ray set
Special Thanks:
Many thanks to TM2YC for suggesting this edit in the first place.
Release Information:
Editing Details:
Exported Full HD H265 with 5.1 channel sound. English subtitles burned-in (apologies to those who speak Italian and would rather be without them), may do a version with soft subs when I have more experience editing.
Cuts and Additions:
• Added personal plate and disclaimer
• Used International Cut (IC) credits, ending just before Salvatore’s mother starts speaking, this version does not feature a certain cast member featured only in the Director's Cut (DC)
• DC used unchanged for about 2 hours
• Scenes following Salvatore’s dinner with his family (minus of course the aforementioned parts) use the longer DC versions but are reshuffled to follow IC structure, two exceptions are:
o Salvatore watching his old home films, difference is minimal and music easier to blend into surrounding footage than DC version
o The demolition, DC contains elements that refer to scenes not contained in this version

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