November 2020 FEOTM Run-off

Last month TM2YC and Hal9000 both tied, so we’ll be having another poll to break the tie and determine the winner.

Voting will last 7 days. 


Blade Runner: The Penultimate Cut by TM2YC

‘The Penultimate Cut’ takes the better looking ‘Director’s Cut’ transfer and regrades it to look like ‘Blade Runner’ looked on the last 1999 video release before it was “remastered”. Most but not all of ‘The Final Cut’ fixes are retained (including all wire removals), plus all of the editorial decisions. It’s basically what I always wanted ‘The Final Cut’ to be. It only took me 5-years to complete!

Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise Of Skywalker: Ascendant by HAL 9000

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker gets an overhaul to serve as a conclusion to the Star Wars saga. Pacing, character journeys, and story continuity are improved via an unprecedented fan editing collaboration. A layer of polish and care applied to a relentlessly fast-paced film. Subtle character tweaks. And a few new surprises.


Please note:

  • Voting is limited to active members who have been registered for more than a month and have a minimum of 5 posts.
  • Faneditors are not allowed to vote for their own edit.
  • Faneditors are not allowed to solicit votes by PMing users or promoting the poll in other forums or social sites.


Voting closes on January 8th. To vote, please visit the poll on our forums.