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TV-to-Movie April 05, 2011 12045
(Updated: September 08, 2012)
April 7, 2011 @ 5:54 pm

This is one of those series that I never watched on original release (my friends did, I was too busy watching Red Dwarf!). Then I saw Fire Walk With Me, watched the first season and for some reason stopped. I still have the crappy Spanish release DVD’s on the bottle shelf, waiting, waiting…..

So when this came along – a sure fire way to get the gist of the whole thing…and I was not disappointed. I did it over two evenings and the narrative works wonderfully. Didn’t miss a thing – seemless. I think because I’ve edited and know some of the tricks employed to blend scenes that have score, I could just about tell a few scenes that might not originally have gone together – but your average Joe definitely wouldn’t. Oh, that and Donna’s hair seems to suddenly get longer! But this is great! Got the whole story there in 5 hours! Didn’t get bored once and I thought I might with 5 hours of it, but nope.

I’m going to give this the full 10/10. Great work TC/Q2.
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