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Ahhh, 80s martial arts films....a world where crime bosses and dodgy business men actually think they can make money off running nationwide martial arts schools and competitions. A world where martial arts tournaments are broadcast on TV and attended by old people. And a brilliant world where any issue can be overcome by matter how many times the film tries to tell you otherwise.

I liked this edit a lot. Annoyingly, there are SO many versions out there. I am most familiar with the Australian VHS and TV broadcast versions from when I was a kid. As far as I know, those versions weren't messed around with too much (we were always lucky like that.), but there have been stupid amounts of official versions of this film from different countries with different content, for better or worse, varying picture and sound quality and across all formats.

Kult38 here has done very well in putting together a generally all encompassing version. The sources have been stated in the description here. From my own experiences I know it is a pain trying to bring together different sources and making them work. This, for the most part, is a seamless effort.

The only real issue is when old VHS footage is wedged in with DVD footage. It is a really obvious change. Now, I know that it was unavoidable, but I wonder how much it would matter using the DVD footage, maybe trying to scale out the titles. Maybe? I don't know....but it really is a minor issue and I feel almost petty for bringing it up. I really just wanted to explain my slightly lower visual editing score.

Seriously, the many official versions of this film are all of crap picture quality. Even the Blu-Ray has spots and flickers and scratches all over. And as Kult38 pointed out, the aspect ratio is all wrong. It was good to see a more full picture. Strange to see a 4:3 with MORE detail...but here we are! So yes, while the picture and sound quality aren't great, I have given high ratings based on what the source material could offer. I think the editor has done very well.

Same with the narrative and enjoyment. Nothing has really been taken away and what has been added only helps things along. If you enjoy the original then there is no reason that you wouldn't enjoy this version. Equally, if you don't care for the original then this probably won't change your mind.

Yeah, nice work. I really like the film. The original was hardly a classic, but who cares? You watch this kind of film for a laugh....a bit of fun....and for corny, old music, questionable eastern philosophy and guys with sweatbands randomly screaming, "YES SENSEI!! HAII!!". Awesome stuff.

So yes, I recommend this. I cannot think of any other version that crams as much of the original footage and feeling of what was (probably) intended when this was originally made and I salute the editor for working on an often forgotten film.

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